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Architrix has been fortunate enough to have worked with some great people. Clients who were open to our ideas and builders who could execute our ideas with craftsmanship. Our work is a true reflection of them and their passion to create a place to call home. Here are some things they had to say about our work:

“The Architrix team understands residential construction. Having that mindset during the design phase is so crucial, enabling their homes to be unique yet relatively simple to build and ultimately, this results in a better overall experience for the homeowner.”
Nick Kerchum, Natural Balance Premium Home Builders 

“Architrix provided a service that exceeded our expectations! There was constant communication, great turnaround times and sensible, thorough design.”
Alessandro  Ciampi, homeowner

“Architrix Design Studio delivers a very clear and detailed home design package, making it much easier to work with the city planners, project manager and contractors.”
Michael Young, Young Residence 

“Working with Architrix on several custom laneway house projects in the Lower Mainland has been a pleasure. We’ve experienced their efficiency and pragmatic approach to functional, suitable design solutions in what, by definition, need to be small spaces. The designs prove to be straightforward, and clients find them spacious and useful. Architrix’ knowledge of the building code, the specialized laneway housing by-laws, and standard building practices and techniques helps the projects we collaborate on move quickly through the design stages.”
Kate Allen, Smallworks Studios

“Architrix’s design sensibilities are excellent although they always use those damn 30 inch fridges! Good proportions and good consideration of standard building practices and techniques when space planning.”
Jake Fry, Smallworks Studios

“Architrix listened to and incorporated our ideas into the design of our laneway house. We love the design and function.”
Jeff Pratt, Pratt LWH

“The number of meetings and design changes was much less than I thought it would be. Everything came together very quickly. Excellent communication and professionalism.”
Gordon Ross, Ross LWH

“Architrix did a beautiful job applying their often modernist bend to our heritage restoration in Strathcona. We were very pleased with their communication and attention to detail.”
Josh & Meghan, The Adolphus Duclos House

“We are very satisfied with Architrix and would recommend their design services. We are looking forward to seeing the plans come to life!”
David & Jackie Lamont, Lamont Residence