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Alexander Passive House

The Alexander’s decision to build a Passive House is the result of a number of years of looking for the right fit for their interests. While considering the option of relocating from Vancouver to the mountain environment of Whistler, they realized a good opportunity was at hand with a lot for sale in Alpine Meadows and the expertise in Passive House construction available at Durfeld Constructors.

The new home base is steps away from the outdoor lifestyle the Alexanders enjoy. It is designed to welcome family and friends and, importantly, to meet the European standard of energy efficiency known as “Passiv Haus.”

Passive House Toolkit

Passive House Fundamentals 

The main reasons for the Alexanders decision to build a passive house are:

– long term goals of sustainability and low energy usage
– indoor thermal comfort and exceptional air quality
– pragmatic design and functionality
– high durability and low maintenance construction practice.

The simplicity of the house design is purposeful as it helps to maximize solar gain and reduce heat loss even in the coldest months of Whistler’s winter. Energy use in this home will be about 10-15% of a standard Canadian home through the use of:

– triple-glazed windows oriented to the sun from Optiwin Windows
– custom structural insulated panels, developed by Durfeld Constructors and BC Passive House, that provide an air tight building envelope
– high efficiency HRV system to circulate fresh air and improve climate control.

As the first Passive House from Architrix Studio, we were inspired by the Alexander’s interest in designing a high performance house. We hope that this project will also inspire others to consider the benefits of living in and building low energy homes.

Alpine Meadows, Whistler, BC 

Builder: Durfeld Constructors 

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