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House by the River

A major renovation to a house on the Fraser River in Richmond BC. Retaining the foundation and major plumbing locations a plan to create a completely re-imagined home using the base footprint was conceived.

A focus on re-shaping the roofline and creating amazing interior spaces soon become the key areas of improvement. The existing roofline was removed and an entire 2nd floor was added. The new floor area is used to provide a two bedroom secondary unit which provides a separated area for extended family. New fitness area, games room, wet bar and crafts rooms are also located on the new upper floor.

The main floor provides all the living and bedroom space for the homeowners, who plan to settle nicely into their newly renovated home in the years to come. We provided an open space plan for playing grand children and entertaining adults alike. Connection with the outdoors, and nature, using sight lines through large openings produced a main floor plan that feels much bigger than what was originally built.

The renovated house showcases the potential of retaining existing foundations and main floor framing while still achieving a complete program of spaces and aesthetic appeal.

Richmond, BC

Builder: Best Builders Ltd.

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