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Lo Residence

This house is designed for Colin and Alice, a hip and easy-going pair who are looking to create an energy efficient, durable, easy to build and unique home to grow their family. A very basic shape was established to minimize complexity while detailed attention was given to other design aspects of the house such as windows, roofline, canopy covers and clean material transitions.

The floor plan is versatile and efficient. The basement is designed to be easily converted into a basement suite. The main floor makes great use of all the spaces and can easily handle many friends and family. Natural light is abundant with south sun penetrating through to the back of the house. The second floor is fairly standard except for the very exclusive master bedroom area, where things start to get fun.

The ensuite is a major feature in this house. It opens to the master bedroom showing off a free standing art piece soaker tub. Then drawing you in with a spacious and futuristic rain-fall shower/ steam room. A double sink vanity is on visual centre as you enter the ensuite area. The mirror is offset from the wall with LED backlit glass, the possibly of installing an in-mirror TV above the sinks to catch the morning news is somewhat likely. The toilet is then contained on it’s own, tucked neatly away.

The master bedroom faces north with potential views and we have planned the room to capture the views from anywhere in either space. A very private deck space off the master bedroom is possible if the views are worth the investment, enabling the master bedroom to truly be a place of rest and revitalization.

Cambie Heights, Vancouver, BC 

Builder: CMGT Construction Group

Photography: Christopher James Guy

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