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The Glen – 4 units

Although not all residential zones allow for higher density housing, many RT zones in Vancouver do. This particular lot’s unique length and visual exposure to the lane lends itself well to creating a form that will draw attention and interest. The existing traditional single family house will be retained and renovated while the vast emptiness in the rear yard will be filled with a contemporary duplex infill. With multiple dwellings on a single lot, careful consideration of sunlight, privacy and efficient space planning is crucial to making each unit liveable and desirable.

To best deal with sunlight and privacy issues the infill building was sunk below grade and a minimal box form was chosen to produce a low profile roofline. When compared to the traditional roof peak form the flat roof form allows more sunlight into the principal house and into the middle yard. The flat roof form is also less imposing to the surrounding homes and easily allows for the addition of green initiatives such as a green roof and solar collection on its flat surface. The sunken nature of the infill building also plays an integral role by providing spatial separation of the shared yards and sight-lines from the principal house to the infill building. Privacy is achieved by providing each unit with its own private entry point and private patio space.

This development provides the community with well planned residential units that are unique in form and concept. Maximizing lot potential with clever design solutions is one way to respond to our growing urban population that is not condo living.

Kensington-Cedar Cottage area, Vancouver, BC

Builder: LRG Construction Ltd.

Photography: Christopher James Guy 


1154 East 26th Avenue, Vancouver BC from Pixilink Solutions on Vimeo.

1152 East 26th Avenue, Vancouver BC from Pixilink Solutions on Vimeo.

1158 E 26th AVE, Vancouver from Pixilink Solutions on Vimeo.

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