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Proob Residence

Trout Lake, East Vancouver, BC

This modern residence, situated on a narrow pie-shaped lot, presented various challenges during the design & development stage. In the end the overall design was driven and influenced by various contextual cues from the site and its surrounding environment.

The siting of the house on the lot was in part due to the desire to provide ample separation from the adjacent property. This was further achieved by providing a sunken patio for the basement suite off the North side of the house creating an open breezeway between the two properties. Then there was the response to the house’s proximity to the elevated Skytrain tracks that is two-fold: 1) the roof design and orientation minimized the noise pollution from the Skytrain and 2) it  proved promising for the clients as the roof’s orientation fit into their plans of installing solar collection panels on the roof in the future. Lastly, the angled fin walls on the south face of the house were inspired by the Skytrain substation that resides across the lane from the property. The effect produced by the fin walls of the two buildings is a gateway-like presence at the entrance of the lane.

As with all of our designs, there can never be enough emphasis placed on a site’s contextual influence.


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