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Private Residences

Eastside, Vancouver, BC

Builder: Solaris Properties

This pair of homes was designed for a subdivision of a single lot. The close relationship of the homeowners drove many of the designed elements you will see. The context of the surrounding homes shows developer style cookie cutter homes that have been replicated and provides very little to relate the new homes to.

In creating a stark contrast in design between our proposed homes and the ones on either side of us, we are presenting the possibilities of creating a more modernized spec plan that is as efficient in construction costs and even more efficient with its spatial layout.

A single floor plate was developed and mirrored to create two structurally identical homes. The interior space layout was then customized as per each homeowners individual program. The increased sideyard between the proposed  homes was created to give them more breathing room and to provide a wider common walkway to the rear yard while the sideyards to the neighboring homes were kept at the minimum required distance. These homes are designed to be quick to build and cost efficient. At the same time they are designed to turn heads and create conversation about Vancouver’s housing trends.

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