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Young Residence

This carefully designed home provides our client with a long lasting investment into Vancovuer’s real estate market. The 4600sf lot boasts a 3500sf home with a 580sf laneway and the completed project will have 3 viable dwelling units of various sizes and functionality that can suit a wide range of users.

Situated on a corner lot, we were able to provide complete privacy for the laneway home by placing the entries to both the main house and its basement suite from the front of the lot. This allows for a very private back yard to be enjoyed by the principal owner of the home living on the upper floors of the main house. This also begins to explore the re-purposing of our highly under-used front yards to usable yard area for the basement suite. Creating private and well planned multiple unit dwellings in single family dwelling zones is one of many answers to the affordable housing questions that haunt the city Vancouver.

The concept of co-ownership or shared equity arrangements (refer to this article from the Vancovuer Observer: http://bit.ly/xdnBPW) is very possible when you first begin with a meticulously planned layout designed to achieve very functional and private spaces for multiple users.

Vancouver Heights, Vancouver, BC

Builder: Aspera Homes

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