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Fortier/ Carter – Co.Share


A new wave of sharing has hit Vancouver, parcel sharing. This new era of home ownership is one solution to affordability with this ever inflating real estate commodity.

For this project we again are faced with the challenges of creating two very separate, equally functional and private unit plans for a family duo sharing the ownership of the land title. The 50′ wide lot helped to allow a wide footprint, but the stubbiness of the 91′ depth presented its own challenges. The creation of a front to back, inter-lacing floorplan was discovered to meet the requirements of this family’s needs as well the city’s stubborn regulations in this RS1 single family zone.

The project consists of one unit with a 4 bedroom basement and its spacious living, dining and kitchen at the rear of the main floor. While the second unit has a practical a master bedroom area at the front of the main floor with its living, dining, kitchen and spare bedroom on wholly on the second floor. Spaces are strategically placed to mitigate sound transmission from the entertaining area of one unit to the bedroom area of the other unit. Decks are provided for each unit with yard and garden spaces allocated based on each family’s need.

This pseudo-duplex presents not only an opportunity for two family’s to share the cost of a parcel of Vancouver real estate, but construction costs as well. In addition to the many benefits of inter-family and generational living.

Riley Park, Vancouver, BC

Builder: Eyco Building Group

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