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Freschi Coach House

City of North Vancouver, BC

Builder: Smallworks Studio Inc.

This 1000sf coach house was designed as part of a multi-generational program from the current homeowners and their children. The existing house will be lived in by the children, who are actually adults with two little children, and the coach house will be lived in by the grandparents.

This type of development is an excellant example of creating affordable housing for emerging families not to mention the benefits of multi-generational housing developments. This coach house contains a full master suite with a guest suite and spacious entertainment/ grand children playing areas. Ample storage is also provided in the coach house along with a large enclosed garbage and recycling area accessed from the parking pad. Two open parking spaces are provided with direct access into the coach house through the kitchen.

The classic cottage massing is intended to introduce a small, welcoming and timeless home to the quiet neighbourhood without creating visual impact. We hope this coach house functions and ages well for Alfredo, Pia, their children and grand children.

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