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Parmar Out-Building

Surrey, BC

This accessory building was designed to be a multi-functioning building that could serve as a retreat for some quiet time or as a party den. The space plan contains the essentials for daily living using the perimeter wall space for utility and the middle of the space for open versatile living and entertaining.

An over-sized fully operable Nana door connects the interior space with an outdoor patio creating a seamless indoor outdoor transition. The roofline is extended far into the patio space to allow for the Nana door to be opened even in the winter months.

A 10’0 tall architectural concrete wall is placed in the distance of the patio and can be used as a projector screen for the accessory building. On the yard side the same wall can be used as rock climbing wall for kids. This accessory building can be used for various occasions, celebrations and gatherings that are best done outside the principle house and if needed becomes the dog house that you look forward to being sent to.

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