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House in the Forest

Unless revived this well maintained home would have been replaced with something potentially generic. The concept of the original house, with it’s Japanese style courtyard […]

LO Kitchen and Dining Rooms

Lo Residence

This house is designed for Colin and Alice, a hip and easy-going pair who are looking to create an energy efficient, durable, easy to build […]


House by the River

A major renovation to a house on the Fraser River in Richmond BC. Retaining the foundation and major plumbing locations a plan to create a […]


Baker Residence

This generously sized traditional home was created for a growing family on an unusually large RS7 Vancouver lot. The program was to create a home […]

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Kits 3 – Duplex & Infill

The land owner for this narrow lot has pooled his investment income into this ambitious project. We will be looking at several options for development, […]


Alexander Passive House

The Alexander’s decision to build a Passive House is the result of a number of years of looking for the right fit for their interests. […]


Ciampi Residence

This new house sits perched on a sloping lot with dramatic views of downtown Vancouver and the North Shore mountains. The floor plans are shaped […]


Magnusson Residence

This customized home effectively maximizes the buildable area on this standard sized Vancouver lot. The corner lot presents the challenge of designing two prominent building facades […]


Architrix is a house design company that is focused on creating exceptional custom designed homes. We work closely with our clients to develop thorough and thoughtful plans for new homes, renovations, laneway homes, coach homes and boutique multi-family developments.

We believe that your home is a profound place of nurture, rest and revitalization. With this belief we create spaces that are conducive to happy and healthy living. We also understand the environmental impact created by our housing needs and respond to this by providing highly energy efficient options from the initial planning stages through to construction.

We are known for our commitment to creating liveable, approachable and progressive homes. Are you ready for a new perspective on the place you call home? Welcome to Architrix Design Studio.

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PortCity 2014

PortCity 2014

March 22, 2014

PortCity is a competition submission. Architrix collaborated with an insightful group of Vancouver-ites who explore three vital elements that define our city and places them smack in the middle of the downtown core. The experience of sitting on the beach, walking down on the seawall, or simply gazing out towards the ocean will remind people to slow down, relax and have some fun.

The competition asks for creative solutions for pedestrians through a temporarily closed section Robson Street in the month July 2014. See this link for more details and to view all the submissions: http://www.vivadesigncomp.ca/

PortCity will be the perfect summer solution continue

House Building – Haida Method

House Building – Haida Method

September 10, 2013

A recent trip to Haida Gwaii inspired me to learn more about the techniques that were developed by Coastal First Nations people many centuries ago to fell, process and assemble cedar trees to build tribal longhouses. Being fortunate enough to get a tour of Christian White’s longhouse I was amazed by the sheer size of the logs being used and the space created within the simple structure.

After learning about how a modern day longhouse was constructed I was compelled to learn more about how the Haida nation were able to build these amazing structures. Through speaking with some of the resident artists and elders who lived on Haida Gwaii I was able to get a sense of the respect that existed for their natural environment, in particular the Western Red Cedar tree, which grow in abundance in the Pacific Northwest. The cedar, the The Tree of Life, enabled coastal tribes continue

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